How To Use Roll On Bedliner On Lower Door Panels in 3 Easy Steps

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Painting your truck’s lower door panel or the rocker’s panel with a Bedliner is an excellent technique to protect those areas against scuff, scratches, dirt, rust, and other elements.

It works better than any usual paint. Besides, painting with a bedliner adds a unique look to your vehicle. And the painting process is easy. It’s just like a DIY craft.

Want to know more? Stay with me till the end.

Reason For Using The Roll-On Bedliner

Both roll-on Bedliner and Bedliner spray are up to scratch and easy to use. Though the Bedliner spray is more popular than the roll-on, it has some pros for why some people choose the roll-on Bedliner.

  • The roll-on Bedliner is backdated compared to the spray-on, but it is more affordable.
  • It is easier to put on because before applying, you don’t have to go through many steps to prepare the intended area.
  • Regarding the roll-on Bedliner, you can choose the exact color for your car from huge options.
  • You don’t need an expert to handle this roll-on process.

Here we will show you the process step by step.

Roll On Bedliner On Lower Door Panels

3 Steps To Use Roll On Bedliner On Lower Door Panels

Now you know why people prefer the roll-on bedliner over the spray version. It’s time to get an idea about how to use it to give your truck a new look, especially in the lower panel and rockers.

Step 1: Cleaning the lower door panels

Tools you need to prepare the external part of the panel

  • Rust cutter machine.
  • Grease
  • Grain cleaner
  • Scotch pad
  • Rust reformer
  • Tape and roll-on paper

Remove the debris and rust

First, you must remove the dust, mud, and rust from the door panel. If you don’t remove the rust, you will trap the rust and moisture on the metal, eventually damaging the Bedliner coating.

Any regular cleaner is not enough for this. You have to use a rust reformer to cover the leftover rust. They work as a good primer over rust.

Use any brush or machine to cut the rust as much as possible without damaging the metal body. Then use some grain cleaner. Make sure there is no oil or anything left on the panel.

Cover the areas you don’t want to paint

Before applying the rust reformer, you must mask some areas you don’t want to get paint on.

For this, use some tape and roll on paper to mask the above area.  Make sure you cover anything you don’t want to get paint on because the roller tends to flick around the coating.

Then apply the rust reformer to the rusty area. Apply several coats if it is necessary. Wait about ten minutes between coats and let the coats dry a bit.

After the final coating, dry it overnight. The next day, you can use the bed liner to protect the metal of the lower door panel.

Step 2: Applying the Roll Bedliner

Tools you need to apply the Bedliner

  • Alcohol
  • Primer
  • Brush
  • Roller
  • Frame

After the rust reformer has dried up, wipe the whole area down with denatured alcohol to ensure no dust. Apply some primer, if necessary, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Open the Bedliner and stir for 10 minutes with the provided stir stick. Pour the product into the supplied roller tray.

Start by putting the bed liner in the sharp corners using a brush where the roller may not reach properly.

Apply three or four coats using the given roller and frame. Roll it from back to front and vice versa. Repeat it with additional coats until you get the desired coverage and thickness.

Let each coat dry for the time indicated in the instruction. Let the first coat dry for around two hours at least.

Step 3: Removing the mask

Tools you need to remove the masking tape

  • Knife or blade
  • Acetone

As soon as you are finished with the coating of the Bedliner, remove the tape. If you don’t do this immediately, you may not get the expected sharp borderline.

Use a knife or blade to cut with the borderline. This will prevent the Bedliner paint from coming up with the tape when you pull up that thing. Also, keep some acetone in case you need it to remove any extra strain.


  • It is wise to wear a mask to avoid the fumes while doing the whole process.
  • Wear hand gloves to avoid paint stains on your hand.
  • Doing the whole DIY process in any closed area is recommended to avoid dust until the Bedliner is not dried correctly.

Benefits of using the Bedliner on your lower door panel

  • It will look trendy and different after using the Bedliner.
  • The color is dark and accurate to the original color.
  • It will not fade out like ordinary paint because of the sun or rough weather.
  • All that dust, mud, snow, and other dirt that will crack on the side panels will quickly come off over the Bedliner with an easy wash.
  • Even if you clean it several times, it will look nearly as good as the day you put it on.

How To Find The Right Roll-On Bedliner For Lower Door Panels

plastic Bedliner

If you are searching for the best quality roll-on Bedliner, I recommend the Tonneau roll-on Bedliner.

This Bedliner is also called a plastic Bedliner and is made of a polyethylene synthesized material. The materials make it water and dust-proof.

Tonneau Bedliner will provide UV protection and protect your car’s appearance from being faded out with time. This is an apparent long-lasting solution for your vehicle.

You don’t have to apply more than two coats to protect the panels. The concentration of the Bedliner coat is just impressive.

But if you want a darker color and texture, you can apply more. It will stay for at least two years without scratches. Tonneau roll-on Bedliner has a variety of color selections. Pick the color that best matches your car.

Bedliner will give a rough texture unlike any usual paint. That makes your car look combative and special. That two-tone color combination of your car door brings an aesthetic vibe and grace to your car.


How many covering of paint should I apply?

When applying the Bedliner to the truck bed, putting on at least three coats is recommended. It will make the surface tougher to stand against the scratches and pressure of the cargo. But you can use two coats while applying to the door panel.

How long does a roll-on Bedliner last?

The roll-on Bedliner is expected to last at least two years, even if the car is roughly used. It may last longer than that.

Can you put Bedliner on the top rails and right under the top rails?

You can also put Bedliner on the top rails and under the top rails. You can use a Bedliner anywhere on your car’s body instead of paint.

Is this roll-on Bedliner cheaper than Bedliner spray?

Roll-on or drop-in Bedliner is cheaper than Bedliner spray. That doesn’t mean the roll-on Bedliner compromises its quality. It’s just that Bedliner spray is handier.

Final Words

Now you know how to DIY your car with a roll-on Bedliner without any hassle.

To get your desired appearance and a proper thick coating texture, you have to choose the best Bedliner. And now you have the Tonneau Roll-on Bedliner that can bring an aggressive and luxurious look to your car.

Let me know if you have any more inquiries regarding the process.

Feel free to comment and ask anything regarding our product.

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