Peragon VS Bakflip: A Complete Comparison

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Sometimes it gets puzzling for first-time truck owners to decide on the perfect tonneau cover. Most of the truck owners have a specific preference and narrow it down to Paragon or Bakflip. 

So, which should you choose when comparing Peragon vs Bakflip?

Both are made of aircraft-grade aluminium frames and are customizable for your specific truck model and year. Peragon has an independent locking system but Bakflip has a tailgate seal locking system. Both offer EPDM seals with weather protection. While Bakflip is a little more expensive than Peragon, it offers 2-5 years of warranty. But Peragon offers 1-5 years of warranty depending on the model.  

Here, I’ll explain all the features for both and you can choose one based on your preferences. 

Peragon VS Bakflip – Detailed Comparison

Now, to compare and choose between Peragon and Bakflip tonneau cover for your truck, understand their features first. So, let’s take a quick look at the basic features of these two tonneau cover for your truck. 

Bakflip G2 and MX4 are the market giants among the Bakflip models. So, here I have compared their features with Peragon’s Classic, Platinum, and LimitedHD models. 

Construction & BuildAircraft-grade aluminium frames with CNC punched build panel core.14 gauge 5052-H32 aluminium.Aircraft-grade aluminium frames withhigh-density EPS panel core. UV & scratch resistant. 
Security FeatureIndependent locking system with a deadbolt key lock.Dual-action tailgate seal.Rail-end caps, elevator bolts, and clamps.
AvailabilityChevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, and Lincoln. Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Honda, Jeep, Nissan, Ram, and Toyota.
DesignFlipping up design.Powder-coated finishing.Folding in design. High-gloss aluminium finish / Durable Matte finish. 
Weight 300 lbs evenly distributed. 400 lbs evenly distributed. 
ProfileSticks ¾” above bed rails. No-profile. 
Installation2-3 hours installation.45 minutes to 1-hour installation. 
CustomizationAccordion-style retractable panels. Comes with the specific truck model, colors, and design.  Comes with the specific truck model, colors, and design. Near-total bed access for hauling large cargo. 
FlexibilityQuick-release in 30 secondsCan be closed with the tailgate up or down. 
Weather ProtectionEPDM seals with a water drainage system.EPDM seals with a water drainage system.Security & weather protection for small cargo. 
WarrantyClassic: 1 yearPlatinum: 3 yearsLimitedHD: 5 yearsG2: 2 yearsMX4: 3-5 years
Price Range$1000-$1600$900-$1200

So, you need to consider these features and offerings of Peragon and Bakflip. Now, let’s get to know more about their features in detail so that you can connect one with your preference.

Peragon and Bakflip

Construction & Build:

While both are made of aircraft-grade aluminum, Peragon’s panel core is made of 14 gauge 5052-H32 aluminium. This build of Peragon’s panel core ensures a longer lifespan with enhanced durability. Also, there’s no vinyl, plastic, or foam in its build. 

Contrarily, Bakflip’s panel material varies from fiberglass-reinforced polymer top panels to heavy-duty aluminium top panels and alloy materials. These panel core materials ensure protection against dents, UV, Scratching, and scuffing. 

Peragon offers a CNC-punched panel core that ensures a precise lock aligning with your truck bed. Bakflip offers a high-density EPS panel core that is perfect for heavy-duty use and lasts longer than Peragon. 

Verdict: Between Peragon vs Bakflip, it’s a tie since both of them offer good durability and longevity. 

Security Features & Availability:

While Peragon has an independent locking system with a deadbolt key lock, Bakflip has a dual-action tailgate seal. Also, Bakflip also offers prop rod clips, elevator bolts, clamps, and rail-end caps for extra security of your cargo. 

Now, if you’ve lost your truck bed key, don’t forget to look up how to open truck bed cover without key.

But Peragon offers re-engineered EPDM panel seals that use an automotive-grade compound for an even tighter seal. Its panel interlocks surpass the dual-action tailgate of Bakflip. 

Now, Peragon & Bakflip both offer tonneau covers for Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Nissan, Honda, and Toyota. While Peragon covers are also available for Dodge, and Lincoln, Bakflip is available for Jeep and Ram.  

Verdict: So, between Peragon vs Bakflip, Peragon wins as it offers more security features with tiger seals. Choose which one goes with you. 

Design, Weight & Profile:

Peragon offers a powder-coated finish and low-profile design. On the other hand, Bakflip offers a high-gloss aluminium finish for G2 and a durable matte finish for the MX4 model

When evenly distributed, Peragon offers 300 lbs of weight while Bakflip offers up to 400 lbs of weight. With no-profile customization for Bakflip that won’t stick out the bed rails, Peragon sticks ¾” above the bed rails. 

Result: It’s a tie between Peragon vs Bakflip as both offer compelling design, weight & profile. 

Installation & Customization

Peragon takes 2 to 3 hours to install while Bakflip only takes 45 minutes to 1 hour of your time. Also, Peragon’s 14 gauge aluminium panel offers enhanced customization ability that protects your cargo against theft. 

While Peragon offers accordion-style retractable panels, they take up more space than Bakflip when folded. Bakflip offers near-full bed access. Both offer customizability based on your specific truck brand, model, year, and bed length. 

Result: It’s a tie between Peragon vs Bakflip as both offer enhanced customization features. But based on installation hassle, Bakflip wins the race.

peragon bed cover vs bakflip

Flexibility & Weather Protection:

Both tonneau covers have a quick-release option in 30 seconds. But, Bakflip can be closed with the tailgate up or down. Also, both tonneau covers offer EPDM seals for protection in all weather. 

Both the tonneau covers offer high-degree protection against any water intrusion. Both have sound water drainage systems with all-weather protection. 

Result: It’s a tie again between Peragon vs Bakflip, so choose one with your customization preference. 


Bakflip G2 offers 2 years of warranty and MX4 offers from 3 up to 5 years of warranty. On the other hand, Peragon also offers up to 5 years of warranty based on the model. Also, Peragon offers a 100-day money-back guarantee.

  • Peragon Classic: 1-year warranty
  • Peragon Platinum: 3 years warranty. 
  • Peragon LimitedHD: 5 years warranty. 

Result: Again it’s a tie between Peragon vs Bakflip as both are good for long-term and heavy-duty use.


The price of a tonneau cover depends on the customization features you’ll add. So, the price of Peragon ranges from $1000 up to $1600 based on your added features and preference. 

Peragon ModelPrice
Peragon Classic$999
Peragon Platinum$1199
Peragon LimitedHD$1599

On the other hand, Bakflip will cost you from $900 up to $1200 based on the model. So, if the price is an issue, go for Bakflip as it will be worth every cent. 

Bakflip ModelPrice
Bakflip G2$900
Bakflip MX4$1200

For more options, you can compare Peragon vs Retrax as both are new compared to Backflip. 

Verdict: So, between Peragon vs Bakflip, Bakflip wins the race for its reduced price with similar features as Peragon. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is BAKFlip MX4 Easy to Break into?

Yes, Bakflip MX4 can be easily manipulated or opened up. So, that’s a security concern that you should be aware of. Be sure to purchase an extra locking system for more protection. 

Does A Tonneau Cover Help Gas Mileage?

Yes, a tonneau cover improves your gas mileage by 10%. By sealing your truck bed, a tonneau cover reduces drag and wind resistance and improves internal aerodynamics and thus gas mileage. 

Should I Leave Heavy Gear on My Tonneau Cover?

Yes, you can leave your heavy gear on the tonneau cover. But leaving it like this for a prolonged period of time can cause damage to your tonneau cover. Be sure to check the owner’s manual for detailed tips for tonneau cover maintenance.  

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So, now you know all the features and offerings comparing Peragon vs Bakflip. 

Although Bakflip is doing business for over 30 years, Peragon offers some intriguing and efficient features. It’s up to your preference to choose one based on your situation and truck model.

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