An easy way to remove Toyota tundra tonneau cover

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Every time you buy a thing, you get a user manual. There’s no exception for a tonneau cover. You must have installed one in your pick-up truck and got the benefits.

It’s been a while and time to remove it. Why? The reason isn’t necessary. You’ve lost the manual, or there’s no instruction about removing the tonneau cover.

I’m telling you it’s as easy and simple as you’ve installed it. Check out now by reading how to remove the Toyota tundra tonneau cover.

Removing the Toyota tundra tonneau cover

Here we start. Open the tailgate and do the inverse of the installation process. Don’t remember anything? Continue reading.

Step 1: Release the latches and fold back

You’ll see an emergency release button under the cover. It’s called ‘the latch button. Pull any of them, and the cover will be free to fold back.

For the third time, you’ll find the latch buttons again at the middle point. Pull and fold. Then again, pull and fold for the last time.

Step 2: Unbolt

Your Toyota tonneau cover is now totally folded. Look at its underside. Take a wrench and remove two bolts from each side that fixed the cover with the pick-up through the cargo rail.

As the bolts are unscrewed, lift the cover and move. Don’t forget to take off the drain tubes before that.

The cover’s weight is generally 40-50 pounds. So, there’s no need to find a helping hand.

Tools needed

Different covers are installed and removed in different ways. But the tools used and the processes are somehow almost the same. You’ll need-

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver, and
  • Protective sunglasses to remove a tonneau cover.

Some covers don’t need any tools at all. 

Note that the trails are still attached to the panels of the truck. If you’ve brought a tonneau cover, get off the rails. The tools mentioned above will be enough for this task also.

An easy way to remove Toyota tundra tonneau cover

When do you need to remove your tonneau cover?

A tonneau cover is not for your truck’s decoration but to save it and its goods from scratching, damaging, and weathering. Removing or reinstalling isn’t an everyday business. So, you must be particular about releasing the cover and investing your time in doing the right thing.

There can be different reasons behind removing a tonneau cover.

Large cargo

Maybe the goods you want to carry require temporary uninstallation of your cover. Suppose you need to lift your oversized couch on the truck. It will be impossible to do that on the cargo bed without the cover being folded or uninstalled.

Even if it were an expandable tonneau cover, it’s the only option.

New setting for the truck

A pick-up truck allows modification, and installing new accessories can improve its workability and usability. What is important is- the new setting should be compatible with the truck. It’s normal to find the tonneau cover as a conflict in this case.

The new setup’s user manual may require removing the tonneau cover. Depending on the accessories and the cover type, the uninstallation can be temporary or permanent.

Shabby look

An old tonneau cover becomes shabby, and the truck’s look reduces. With time, the cover becomes less effective against weather conditions that threaten to harm your cargo.

Replacing an old tonneau cover is inevitable if you notice the cover does not anymore have a glistering look and calls for repeatedly fruitless wiping.


Is the tonneau model’s removal method different for different truck models?

The truck model doesn’t affect the removal process, while the installation method may vary. What is interesting, removing the tonneau cover is just to do the backward of what was done while installing.

Is it hard to remove Toyota tundra tonneau cover?

Removing the Toyota tonneau cover is easy, and you can do it alone. If you’ve heard someone telling it hard, they might have talked about fiberglass models.

Do I need to remove my tonneau cover before the car wash?

It depends on the cover’s type.

For some specific covers, there’s no need for removal. But ensure the cover is closed correctly. However, contacting the seller is recommended before going for any actions like automated car washes.

How to remove Toyota tundra tonneau cover?

It’s a two-step, easy process. Release the tailgate and pull the latch button. Fold back the cover. Remove the bolts that attached the cover to the truck. Now, you can move the tonneau cover.

Is using a Toyota tundra tonneau cover a good experience?

Using a Toyota tundra tonneau cover is preferable for many users. It doesn’t create noise while driving, saves the cargo from weather conditions during snowfall, and increases mileage. What’s one bad thing is heavy rainfall might not be manageable for it. There is a possibility that your cargo will be found drenched if you keep it under the rain for a certain duration.

Final Words

The tonneau cover’s removal isn’t the end of the world for it. If you’re doing that because you want to inspect and wash your cargo bed, you can do that without any hesitation. Be careful; not to do any damage to the cover.

Technology gives you multiple options. You have to ensure that you’re taking advantage of that, not manipulating your financial capacity through overspending or unnecessary enhancement.

That was all about how to remove the Toyota tundra tonneau cover. We hope that helps you in your emergency.

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