Keep Your Rocker Panels Safe by Applying Bedliner in Easy 3 Steps

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Can you picture a car being left in your yard? It would be rather lunatic to visualize the vehicle getting scratched and spreading.

No, you won’t allow that!

But you’ll still receive complaints because the rock chips will never stop hitting your truck’s body. You can accept that but don’t like to have scars that destroy the beauty of your car’s lower portion? No doubt, the rocker panels are the main victims.

There’s always a solution. A bedliner guard is a convenient one. And you can do that alone in less time and with less money.

But how much bedliner does it take to do rocker panels? Keep reading to learn.

How Much Bedliner Does It Take to Do Rocker Panels?

Ever thought of the role rocker panels play in your vehicles? Maybe just because you’ve seen it in every car and never bothered. Or, you were never aware of it before the moment of a big problem that requires a permanent solution.

Well, to give you a clear idea about rocker panels, you can’t drive a car like a car without them. These two vital parts exist to connect the vehicle’s front and backside.

Therefore, if you have any idea about painting or spraying a coating on something, the calculation may match your guess.

You’ll find different types of liquid bedliner in the market. The amount of the element to apply on the same area shouldn’t be different. But how much to buy depends on the size of the cans in which the product comes.

For easy understanding, let’s assume the bottles of the U-Pol Raptor Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit w/Free Spray Gun, 4 Liters, carries the standard amount. The package includes four 750ml raptor bottles and 1L hardener tin.

Therefore, two bottles of raptor will be enough for two rocker panels.

Applying Bedliner on Rocker Panels

At this stage, we’ll discuss applying a bedliner on rocker panels. We’ll use the raptor liner in this process.

Essential Materials

  • Plastic bag covers
  • Yello tapes
  • U-Pol Raptor Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit w/Free Spray Gun, 4 Liters
  • Spray machine
  • Air compressor paint sprayer
  • Sandpaper and rubbing alcohol (if needed).

Now, let’s get started if you are all set with the necessary materials.

Step 1: Do the Wrapping

Cover the whole truck, especially the windows, with plastic bags, and don’t forget the wheels. It will keep the sections unaffected and safe from spilled chemicals.

Select the area where you’ll apply the bedliner. It’s a straight line from the front to the back wheel end with a range of 8 to 10 inches in width from the lowest point of the car.

Do it according to the car and your preference. Stick the yellow tape on both sides. It’ll keep the level straight.

Consider sticking another tape line over the edge of the tape line to reduce the chance of uneven spreading.

Step 2: Prepare the Liner

It’s time to work with the raptor liner.

Take one of the raptor liner bottles. You can feel a line on its upper level with your hand. Rather, it’s very visible.

Pour some raptor hardener up to that line. Seal the cap and shake it to make a good mixture. It’s ready.

Step 3: Spray Bedliner

Connect the bottle’s mouth with the spray machine and air compressor. You can select the rate of the spray by setting the meter on the system.

If it’s manual, be careful with your gut about the amount of spraying.

After the setup is done, point the spray’s mouth on the surface. Spray and move it left and right, so the surface gets the coating properly. Make sure you haven’t missed any part.

As you’re done with spraying, give it 30 minutes to set on the surface. Finally, take off the plastic bag cover. Your truck is ready to be on the road, and its rocker panel is safe from scratches.

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Cautions and Suggestions

  • Be careful when you stick the tapes on the rocker. The lines on the two sides should be parallel, or it will trouble you.
  • Consider applying the bedliner on the fenders if you have some extra raptor left. Also, that can be applicable for some rear and backside of the vehicle. Those two areas are always prone to rust. Don’t forget to stick tapes at the outer part to specify the area. That’ll also keep the fender and other areas safe from the rock chips.
  • Take care of the rust first, if there’s any. Use sandpaper to make the surface prepared for the guard. Wiping the surface with a little rubbing alcohol will also be good.
  • Wear a safety mask and eye protector glasses.
  • The paint roller method is another option for bedliner on rocker panels. If you follow that, ensure the coating layer is properly and equally applied on the surface.


What Are the Benefits of a Bedliner on Rocker Panels?

Bedliner is water resistant which saves the surface below from rusting. It also prevents sun damage and fading.
Besides, a bedliner surface requires low maintenance. Most importantly, it saves the replacement cost of the rocker panel that could be eventually required if left without any such step taken.

Is It Easy to Apply a Bedliner to Rocker Panels?

Applying a bedliner to rocker panels is easy. The only concern you should have is applying the bedliner straight and in the proper amount.

When is it Time for the Bedliner to Rocker Panels?

The earlier, the better, One shouldn’t wait until rust or scratches appear on them. The worry is over for at least a year when you have worked it out. The road condition or the usage may extend or minimize the sustainability.

Is There Any Con of Bedliner on Rocker Panels?

There’s one con If the setup is poor. It creates the possibility that the moisture might be trapped inside and cause damage.

Last Words

If you’re going to apply a bedliner for the first time, ‘how much bedliner does it take to do rocker panels’ might be a little tough to stick to. That’s entirely okay to find difficulties and differences.

Well, practice makes a man perfect. However, there’s one suggestion from me. Take a helping hand who knows it better and can direct you. On second thought, there’s always room for a try. Because mistakes also make you master.

By the way, don’t be afraid of what I said earlier. Just follow the steps carefully. You can do this.

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