Extang Xceed Tonneau Cover Review

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Are you looking for the best in a seamless soft, and durable hard folding cover?

Then the Extang Xceed Tonneau Cover is the right option. Extang is designed with a seamless style, a flush fit, and complete, unobstructed bed access in a hard folding truck cover.

Stay with me to know all the queries regarding Extang Xceed Tonneau cover such as key features, advantages, Installation process, etc. In addition, I will provide you with a comprehensive buying guide so that you don’t have to face any challenges while choosing.

Why Should You Purchase Extang Xceed Tonneau Cover?

Extang Xceed Tonneau Cover has many advantages that can cover all your demands. Here are some of them.

  • Matte-black finish adds to the factory-made look.
  • Provided additional wear resistance and protection through textured powder-coated aluminum frames
  • EnduraCoat over reinforced aluminum panels construction and full perimeter frame gives exceptional durability
  • No need to drill installation. EnduraCoat offers a sleek, seamless appearance
  • Dedicated to ensuring the ultimate in water resistance and all-new expelled side seals keep water out and gear safe
  • Unique-4 panel construction minimizing the overall height
  • 500 pounds weight rating equally distributed
  • Providing dual-action tailgate seal
  • Ensuring total bed access available
  • Providing 5-year warranty
Extang Xceed Tonneau Cover Review

Extang Xceed Tonneau Cover Features

Like any other high-quality tonneau cover, Extang Exceed comes with several features that can make you feel perplexed. Wondering why? It may urge you to compare those with the others in the market.

Let me give you an overview of those features.

Sleek And Seamless

The aluminum panels on the Xceed are reinforced with an Endura Coat finish to make a seamless look. This reinforced aluminum construction is resistant to corrosion and makes the cover secure.

In tandem with the cover’s low profile, a sleek appearance is constructed by this material that complement’s the truck’s design.

Rotary Latch

The Xceed Tonneau Cover opens through a rotary latch at the front panel. This latch structure ensures outstanding security and makes the cover easier for anyone.

When you require to take full advantage of your bed space, the cover can prop open at 90°angle.

Superior Weather Resistance

It is designed with a moisture-proof EndureCoat, and expelled EPDM rubber side seals make an interruption that protects your bed from snow, rain, hail, sticky fingers, and other elements.

Useable To Whole Bed

Open the cover and connect the prop rods to get full access to your truck bed. This offers to carry large items like furniture except by removing the Tonneau cover.

Unparalleled Durability

The Xceed Cover easily supports more weight than the other cover in its category due to its aluminum panels and cross support.

OEM Matte Finish

To complement the color of OEM truck accessories such as bed rail caps and tailgate caps, a matte-black finish is constructed on the Extang Xceed cover.

How To Install Extang Xceed Tonneau Cover?

How To Install Extang Xceed Tonneau Cover

Tools Required

  • 9/16″ and ½ “sockets,
  • Ratchet wrench,
  • Phillips screwdriver,
  • Torque wrench,
  • Scissors,
  • Alcohol wipes, and
  • Cleaning clothes.


  1. Clean all the bed covering areas and be free of debris before cleaning.
  1. Install the cab or bulkhead seals the truck and has no bed liner. Before applying, wipe the painted areas with alcohol.
  1. Place the rails on the truck bed rail by the slotted bracket forward the cab
  1. Check the rail end doesn’t interfere with closing the tailgate after the rail is firmly placed up to the bulkhead. Trimming the bed liner is needed if the rail end intervenes with closing the tailgate.
  1. At the corner of the bulkhead, most bed liner cutting will be. Be aware of not damaging the truck bed.
  1. Ensure the rail is positioned square with the truck bed rail and steadily pressed to the bulkhead—place it at the center of the rail to start with the middle clamp. The bolt must be tight enough to hold the clamp in place.
  1. Ensure the rail is clamped square with the truck bed rail pressed steadily to the bulkhead. Installing a front clamp 6 to 9 inches from the cab.
  1. The rear clamp is probably 6″, 152 mm from the tailgate.
  1. Start with the middle, tighten the clamp, then the rear and front. Ensure the rail sets flush and close accurately through downward pressure to the rail while tightening.
  1. Requires two people to set the cover in its folded position, including the cab panel at the front, to the truck bed.
  1. Install the two buckle ends to the pre-drilled holes on the cab panel. Inserting the posts from the bottom, penetrate the screw down through the buckle end. It is recommended to use a screwdriver and hand tighten. Eliminate over-tightening and use of screw guns.
  1.  Fold the cab panel back and insert two mounting bolts through the keyed slots at the can or on each side. When closed, the two bolts must be grouped with the slotted bracket of the cover rails.
  1. Install mounting hardware beneath the slotted bracket on the rail, starting with the rubber washer next to the large flat washer, and following with the nylon lock nut. Installing two on either side. You should knock out the nuts snugly, not tighten them for the next adjustments.
  1. Unfold the cover into the tailgate. Confirm the cover adjusts squarely and evenly between the rails. The cover needs to be gently moved from side to side to confirm latch engagement.
  1. The cover’s metal frame should adjust inside the tailgate while accurately placing it from front to back. The clearance is likely ¼ inch, 6.35 mm. The tailgate seal and rear edge of the cover should rest on top of the tailgate. The cover should be parallel to the tailgate and truck bed.
  1. Check the cover panel latches on both sides creates a final adjustment with the side rails, including the fully closed cover.
  1. Once the cover is accurately grouped, cordially open the cover to ensure it keeps in position. Tightening the four mounting nuts. Never over-tighten the fasteners, and don’t use power tools.
  1. Check that both tail panel latches create accurate Contact with the side rails. You may need to manually fit the latch position if the tail panel latches don’t contact accurately. Tightening the screws and replacing the cover screw.
  1. Attach the drain hoses to the front drains and propel the hose with the manufacturer’s bed plug. Removing the plug or drilling a 22.3mm, ⅞ inch hole in the bed plug. The hoses must drive behind a drop-in bed liner by installing holes on both sides.
  1. Finally, place a cab bumper with the edge of the cover where it contacts the truck cab tail light while remaining in the propped-up conditions. Other installations may benefit from the excessive bumpers on every side.

Buyer’s Guide

Here we will provide you with a comprehensive buyer’s guide, so you don’t have to face any challenges or losses. Before buying the Extang Xceed Tonneau cover, you must consider the following things.


The xceed cover panels are made of heavy-duty aluminum, which allows almost 500 lbs of weight to be equally distributed on top of your truck bed. The rigid panels are designed with an added layer of water resistance and consist of a moisture-proof covering.

Latching system

It includes an industry-first secure rotary release latching system that offers the operation cable for tamper-proof security.


It contains flush mounted, hard-folding cover with full bed access to give a super low profile appearance. Besides, a matte-black finish is a final touch to increase the ultimate look of your truck.


Xceed is dedicated to ensuring the ultimate in water resistance. Moisture-proof EnduraCoat and extruded EPDM rubber side seals keep the bed from rain, water, snow, and other elements.


The Xtang Xceed provides a five-year warranty against faulty materials or workmanship on all tonneau rails, clamps, aluminum components, hardware, and bows.


What Is The Most Secure Type Of Tonneau Cover?

The most secure cover on the market is a Painted one-piece tonneau cover. Its anti-theft structure locks in a position that overlaps the tailgate and the tailgate can only be opened if the cover is unlocked and upright.

What Should I Like For A Tonneau Cover?

Before buying a tonneau cover, first, you should look at the security. The appropriate option is a hardcover and multiple latch points to eliminate unwanted access.

Is Tonneau Cover Worth It?

A: Yes. A tonneau cover can save money from low gas mileage, harmed cargo, and theft. In addition to that, it will also keep the bed of your truck and confine severe damage, which will cause repairs or maintenance to be required.

Why Choose Extang Xceed Hard Folding Tonneau Covers? 

The Extang Xceed Tonneau cover has a seamless appearance, unbeatable security, and superior weather protection. Moreover, it is easier to install than other same-quality bands through no-drill clamps.

Where Is Extang Manufactured?

All Extang covers are manufactured in the USA, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Final Thought

Finally, we have concluded. Hopefully, you have got all the queries raised in your mind regarding Extang Xceed Tonneau Cover and understood why it is the right option for you.

Xceed will provide you with a seamless soft cover and hard-folding cover simultaneously. So, why will you delay your purchase? It is high time to choose the right one by following our solid buyer’s guide.

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