Can You Have A Tool Box With A 5th Wheel?

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If you’re RVing with a 5th wheel, you might be wondering if you can bring along a toolbox. Having a toolbox with you on your RV trip can be a lifesaver.

A 5th wheel may seem extra. But this addition can help you manage your toolbox and keep it safe for long rides.

Can You Have A Tool Box With A 5th Wheel?

If you’re wondering if you can use a toolbox with a 5th wheel, the answer is yes! You can use any toolbox with a 5th wheel as long as it’s the right size. Just make sure to measure the space between the toolbox and the 5th wheel to make sure it will fit.

Can You Have A Toolbox With A 5th Wheel

How to use a toolbox with a 5th wheel?

The toolbox with a 5th wheel is mounted on the bed rails of the truck. It is precisely positioned at the tailgate of the truck.

An optimal clearance of no less than six inches is to be maintained while hitching the toolbox in its position.

The front overhang of the 5th wheel attached toolbox is allowed to rest on the bed of the truck.

What is the Installation Process?

  • Measure the length of the toolbox
  • Measure the bed of the truck where the toolbox is to be placed
  • Find the center between the bed rails
  • Drill points on the toolbox and on the bed of the truck to fasten the toolbox with a 5th wheel
  • Use the self-tapping screws that come with such models for fastening the toolbox

Design of the 5th wheel tool boxes

The 5th wheelers require compatible tool boxes to be set on the truck bed. The 5th wheel tool boxes are made from ⅛  inch marine grade aluminum.

They also have stainless steel T-grip locks. This helps in two things. First, keep the lid sealed as tightly as possible. Secondly, keeping the box secure. 

Their mount flush attribute makes it look like a crucial part of the truck.

Therefore, all these make the tool boxes compatible, robust and durable for use with 5th wheelers.

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How does the 5th wheel support the toolbox?

A toolbox is a necessary addition for an open bed truck. The need for a compartment to keep the supplies and tools organized is important.

This saves space and secures the tools from being exposed. In turn, this helps avoid stealing and damage of the carried goods.

Hence these 5th wheel tool boxes are specifically and critically designed and manufactured to go along with the 5 wheelers.

They not only provide a safe and compact space to store your goods, but they also ensure that the toolbox does not put any negative impact on the 5th wheel.

The toolbox is fitted in such a way that there is a notch at the back. This makes the lid of the box to be opened and closed easily. This does not interfere with the 5th wheel structure or the truck.

The 5th wheelers have the middle section hitched which is dedicated to the 5th wheel. The 5th wheel complimenting tool boxes ensure there is no friction between the toolbox and the 5th wheel.

In fact, during sharp turns and travel on heavy-duty roads, the toolbox stays safe in its place and the 5th wheel is left unbothered.

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FAQ on can you have a toolbox with a 5th wheel

What Not To Do While Installing A Toolbox For A 5th Wheeler?

Do not drill into the fuel tank or wiring while drilling the truck bed for the toolbox installation.

What Should Be The Toolbox Size For A 5 Wheeler Truck?

The best choice is to get an eight-foot box. It has the best turning radius. This helps to keep the toolbox safe from damage during turns.

Final Thought

Having a 5 wheeler is not problematic at all anymore. You have a vast range of options to pick a space-saving, compact, strong toolbox specifically made for 5th wheelers.

While this guide has addressed how you can easily use a toolbox with a  5th wheel, we hope with a bit of market research you will find the best model for your special 5th wheeler.

And if you missed it, yes, you most definitely can have a toolbox with a  5th wheel.

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