American Tonneau vs Gator [Finding The Suitable Deal!]

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Long-distance driving excitement should not come with obstacles. This is why good quality products must be there at your disposal. A full-on good time guarantee means buying the right product for maximum benefits. 

American Tonneau cover

So, who is the best in the comparison of American tonneau vs Gator?

The American tonneau appears with more durable material quality alongside better accessibility features. However, the security standards are the same. Weatherproofing and warranty do not do good for Gator. But Gator has better resistance quality. The overall verdict favors the American tonneau.

I have a feeling you are going to like the whole article. Keep reading through to find out some unique insights regarding the two truck bed covers. 

American Tonneau vs Gator [Quick Comparison!]

FeaturesAmerican TonneauGator
MaterialsAluminum SlatsLightweight Aluminum Construction
SecuritySimple Latching SystemMounting Features
Truck Bed Access100%100%
Resistance QualityHeavy Duty Tear Resistant FabricDurable Tear Resistant Vinyl Cover
WarrantyLifetime10 Years

The American Tonneau and Gator covers are quite similar in their features. They are one of the top-quality truck bed products out there. The features provided by the parent company do not negotiate on the highly standardized attributes. 

Since they are quite popular, the comparison is measured in terms of extensive competitive figures. For this reason, going into the details is essential. 

American Tonneau vs Gator [Detailed Comparison]

When I am comparing, I look at a few critical factors. These factors are commonly looked up by the majority of customers. Keeping the similarities aside, a few distinct differences help the purchasing decision. 

Therefore, choosing wisely becomes the vital key, mostly to suit individual needs. 

Six essential elements are highlighted here. Let me go forward with some elaborate discussions!


American tonneau arrives with a bit more popular aluminum slat materials. These materials carry easy-to-maintain attributes. 

The outer layering and the surface are quite attractive. You will be tempted to make a quick purchasing decision with one look at the exterior.

Take your time, and don’t fall for the over-passionate promotional offers!

So, in contrast, what can Gator do about it? The Gator is also built with aluminum construction. The feature is outlined as a lightweight product. 

However, the Gator is heavier than the American tonneau. When the American tonneau weighs 30 pounds, the Gator weighs 42. 


I like American tonneau better; it does not go overboard explaining why you need it. Don’t judge a book by its cover, but make sure you do it with American Tonneau. Why? You will realize much later that it is more durable!


Security is the essential key that defines a truck bed cover. Let us see what qualities both products can offer in the safety department. 

The American tonneau can be worked with the tailgate to incorporate a heavy latching system. The locking mechanism is stronger than most and carries durable standards. 

The same features apply to the Gator model, where a simple mounting job does the work. It further enhances sealing options; if you want, you can do the work involving a tailgate. 

Catering to the stronger safety needs may not be difficult then. 


I would say this is a draw. The reason is that both covers have implemented the same safety standards. However, they have gone in different directions for the same results. 

When Gator concentrated on safety traps, the American tonneau worked with easy drilling features. So, both win!

Truck Bed Access

The American tonneau lets you be more flexible. Truck bed access is much easier with quick and simple removal features. 

The covers can be easily folded and set aside without much of a hassle.

What about the Gator brand, then? Well, you can apply the same flexibility here. The folding is done in a better way through framed phases. This keeps the exterior quality top-notch. 

Both products are easy to install and can be set up quite quickly. The Gator can make up a little more time. The fastening and loosening mechanism is a bit more smudged with the crossbow aluminum constructions. 


In terms of saving time and flexibility, the American tonneau wins the race. Gator has some good stuff to show, but I will still keep American tonneau on top. 

Resistance Quality

The matter of resistance goes in various directions. Both brands are similar in the effort of stronger material fabrication. This means they do not let the wears and tears happen at any point. 

The American tonneau is considered to have a durable vinyl texture appearance. It does not stretch or shrink easily. The outer texture does not also fade easily. 

Moreover, you will not find cracks in any areas with the American tonneau cover areas.

Gator is also very good when it comes to the context of outer texture. It is considered an industrial-grade vinyl construction that does not tear at all. 


I am going to give Gator a thumbs up in this department. That does not mean the American tonneau has done poorly. It is just that Gator carries a slight edge when it comes to resistance quality. 


Yes, both brands are 100% weatherproof and also waterproof. The quality of the outer texture will not change due to extreme heat. The moisture resistance capabilities are there when it comes to humidity. 

Also, their texture is not impacted by rain or heavy snowfall. The outer surfaces are smooth, so they do not let dirt get stuck in the fabrics. An easy wipe makes things work. 

Gator carries a good foam rubber weather sealing attribute, something the American tonneau has not worked with. 

However, American tonneau followed a different side of the coin with ABS substrate. Such construction ensures material toughness and dimensional stability.

This means they do not get bothered by chemical corrosion. Gator has not worked on such prospects, although the foam rubber sealing is good enough. 


The winner is American tonneau; the building material is more weather resistant than Gator. The American tonneau’s stylish vinyl top skin remains suitable for a longer period. 


The American tonneau comes with a lifetime warranty offer, whereas the Gator is limited to 10 years. All the best tonneau covers have been reported to last as long as ten years.

This means a few issues may arise after that period. In such a case, is the American tonneau able to overcome that obstacle? 

Time will perhaps tell us if the product lasts a lifetime. The American tonneau cover is an angel in disguise if such is the case. They have to be an effective choice for all the pickup owners. 

You are generally spending a little more money on an American tonneau. The Gatox version is a bit cheaper than the other. 

For this reason, the American tonneau has to live up to expectations.

They have not disappointed me so far!


Indeed, a lifetime warranty means more confidence among the suppliers. The American tonneau is the winner as the value point for money is more flavored. This is about the qualities the American tonneau possesses. 

Gator Tonneau cover

So, Which One Is The Best?

The American tonneau has won most of the time in all the comparison departments. So, it is not hard to say that the overall verdict favors American tonneau. 

They have captured the attention of all these aspects, such as accessibility, quality of resistance, and durability. They are easy to maintain as well!

However, the Gator is not bad. If you want to work on some savings, you can do that. They carry many pretty cool features that stand out from the rest. 

Make sure you are buying genuine products from designated dealers. Never negotiate on the after-sales services!


Are Gator covers made in the USA?

Yes, the Gator covers are made in the USA, ensuring top-quality standards. All the supporting versions come from the same plant. They are distributed through designated dealers.

What is meant by ABS material in American tonneau?

ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, which is an opaque thermoplastic. The benefit of such material is that it makes the product more durable. This is the reason why there is a lifetime warranty associated with it. 

Which of the two tuck bed covers is better for gas mileage?

Both models carry the same attributes in terms of providing improved gas mileage. It is hard to separate the two in terms of gas mileage. Since American tonneau is more durable, it can be a better choice. 


The tonneau cover features are more often upgraded with improved features. In the future, you may see more good-looking models coming forward. 

The same goes for accessories as well. You can constantly keep upgrading your truck beds with all the available materials. It would help if you were a complete winner in such a scenario.

I hope you do well with your adventures, wishing you all the best.

Bye for now!

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