The ultimate guide to selecting the best glue for car roof lining

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Want to find the best glue for car roof lining? When it comes to maintaining your vehicle’s interior, the last thing you want to deal with is a sagging headliner.

A sagging or damaged car headliner board not only affects the aesthetics of your vehicle but also poses safety risks.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of adhesives, focusing on spray adhesives, liquid adhesives, and other essential factors.

By the end, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to choose the best headliner adhesive for your car.

best glue for car roof lining
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Understanding the importance of most headliner adhesives

A sagging liner is a common issue in many vehicles.

It occurs when the adhesive holding the fabric or lightweight trim materials to the roof lining deteriorates over time.

The role of adhesives

Headliner adhesive products are specially formulated to bond various materials, including headliner fabric, craft foam, and trim, to the car’s roof lining.

They provide a secure and long-lasting attachment, preventing the headliner from sagging or falling.

Types of headliner adhesives

Spray adhesive

Spray products are a popular choice for headliner repair due to their ease of use and the versatility of their spray nozzle.

They come in aerosol spray cans with a wide pad adjustable spray gun, allowing for controlled fine mist application.

Spray adhesive products are known because adhesive dries fast times and has heat resistance, making spray nozzle-containing products ideal for automotive use.

Liquid adhesive

Liquid adhesives, while less common for headliner repair, offer a strong and durable bond. Liquid adhesives are suitable for heavier materials and can withstand the heat.

The existing vehicle’s headliner adhesive products

When it comes to selecting the best headliner adhesive for your car’s roof lining, the market offers a variety of options, each with its unique features and benefits.

Gorilla contact adhesive ultimate, 12.2oz web spray adhesive, whiteBond type: permanent.
Temperature resistant: excellent resistance to heat inside vehicles.
Application method: web spray adhesive with wide pad adjustable nozzle for precise control.
3M 38808 headliner and fabric rMHrh adhesiveBond type: felxible and strong bond super trim adhesive.
Temperature resistant: designed to withstand high temperatures within vehicles.
Application method: aerosol spray can for even and controlled application on, for example, hood silencer pads.
Polymat 797 hi-temp spray adhesive can high temperature headliner Glue 160FTemperature resistance: exceptional resistance up to 160°F (71°C), making it ideal for hot vehicle interiors.
Application method: controlled fine mist from the aerosol spray.
Fibre glast waterproof adhesive spray, bonds boat headlinerWaterproof: specifically designed for marine applications, ensuring a secure bond in wet conditions.
Application method: convenient nozzle for precise and even application.
RV headliner flexible foam adhesiveBond type: provides a flexible and strong bond, ideal for accommodating RV vibrations and movement.
Application method: designed for easy and precise application on foam surfaces.
K-Grip plus auto headliner and marine carpet spray adhesiveVersatility: designed for both automotive and marine applications.
Application method: precise and controlled application with the nozzle.
Lokweld heat-resistant contact adhesiveHeat resistance: exceptional heat resistance properties, suitable for applications exposed to extreme heat.
Bond type: provides a strong and durable bond even in extreme heat conditions.
Loctite 2267077 6 pack 13.5 oz. professional performance spray adhesive, clearBond type: forms a strong and permanent bond.
Application method: convenient spray nozzle for even coverage and precise placement.
Upholstery HIGH temperature/strength web spray glue contact adhesiveTemperature resistant: known for its exceptional resistance to high temperatures, making it ideal for use in automotive interiors.
Web Spray: the web spray pattern ensures optimal adhesive distribution, resulting in a secure and long-lasting bond.
Permatex 81731-12PK yellow super weatherstrip adhesiveWeather resistance: specially formulated for superior weather and moisture resistance.
Application color: yellow adhesive that remains visible, aiding in precise placement and alignment.

Analysis of the good headliner adhesive products

Here are the best headliner adhesives.

Gorilla ultimate spray adhesive

Gorilla adhesive ultimate is known for its strength and versatility.

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While it’s not explicitly marketed as a headliner leather adhesive, its robust bonding capabilities and white web spray adhesive make it suitable for a range of automotive applications.


  • General application.
  • Moderate VOC content.


  • Cost-effective.
  • Transparent drying.
  • User-friendly.

3M headliner and fabric adhesive

3M is a trusted name in super trim adhesive products, and their 38808 headliner fabric adhesive is a testament to their reputation.

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Designed specifically for headliners and fabric applications, this trim adhesive offers durability and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for headliners, hood silencer pads, carpets, etc.


  • Excellent value.
  • Generous can size.
  • Tailored for automotive headliners.
  • User-friendly.


  • Extended drying time.

Polymat 797 hi-temp spray adhesive headliner glue

Polymat spray adhesive (hot glue-like) is formulated to withstand high temperatures due to melted polyurethane foam form, making it well-suited for automotive headliner applications.

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Its high-temperature resistance ensures a secure bond even in challenging conditions, providing peace of mind for long-term performance.


  • Excellent for headliners.
  • Heat resistance.
  • Domestically produced.
  • Generous can size.
  • Versatile application.


  • Slightly higher price.
  • Quick drying.

Fibre Glast waterproof adhesive.

While Fibre Glast waterproof adhesive spray adhesive is primarily intended for boat headliners.

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Its waterproof properties and adhesive strength make it an intriguing option for car headliners as well.


  • Waterproof.
  • Material compatibility.
  • Controlled application.


  • Limited automotive use.
  • Strong odor.

RV headliner flexible foam adhesive

For those working on RV headliners, the RV headliner flexible foam adhesive is designed to offer the flexibility and durability needed for such applications.

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  • Flexible bond.
  • Tailored for RV interiors.
  • Precise application.


  • Limited availability.
  • Niche application.

K-Grip plus auto headliner and marine carpet spray

K-Grip plus auto headliner and marine carpet spray adhesives are versatile enough to handle both automotive headliners and marine carpet applications.

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Its ability to bond different materials effectively can be a valuable asset when working on a car’s interior.


  • Versatility.
  • Material compatibility.
  • Controlled application.


  • Aerosol format.
  • Price.

Lokweld heat-resistant contact adhesive

Lokweld heat-resistant contact adhesive is formulated to provide a strong and heat-resistant bond, ideal for headliners that may be exposed to high temperatures.

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Its ability to maintain its integrity in demanding conditions makes it a noteworthy choice.


  • Exceptional heat resistance.
  • Strong and durable bond.


  • Aerosol format.
  • Strong odor.

Loctite 13.5 oz. spray adhesive

Loctite is a recognized brand for adhesives, and their professional performance spray adhesive is no exception.

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While it’s not tailored specifically for headliners, its clear formula and professional performance make it a versatile option for various automotive applications.


  • Heat resistance.
  • Water-resistant.


  • Mixed reviews on holding.
  • Higher price.

Upholstery HIGH temperature/strength web spray glue

As the name suggests, Upholstery adhesive is engineered for high-temperature applications.

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This Upholstery adhesive is designed to withstand the rigors of automotive materials, offering both strength and resistance to temperatures.


  • Instant fabric tack.
  • Versatility.
  • Web spray can.


  • Mixed reviews on foam and fabric adhesion.

Permatex yellow super weatherstrip adhesive

Permatex yellow super adhesive is a specialized adhesive designed for weatherstripping applications.

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While not intended exclusively for headliners, its strong bond and weather-resistant properties can make it a valuable choice for certain automotive projects.


  • Excellent value.
  • Transparent drying.
  • User-friendly.
  • Heat resistance.


  • Moderate adhesive strength.
  • Indoor use only.

Headliner adhesive application

Now that we’ve explored a range of best headliner adhesive reviews, it’s important to understand how to apply these adhesives effectively for headliner repairs or installations.

Choosing the right adhesive

Select the headliner adhesive that best suits your needs based on factors such as material compatibility, resistance to temperatures, and bonding strength, and use it according to instructions.

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Here are presented some of the most commonly asked questions on the topic of this article.

What kind of glue to use on car interior?

The type of glue you should use for car interior largely depends on the specific application. For headliners and car interior fabric, it’s recommended to use adhesives designed for automotive use. These adhesives are formulated to withstand the temperature and environmental conditions inside a car while providing a secure and long-lasting bond.

How do you stick back a car roof lining?

1. Remove the sagging or damaged headliner material.
2. Ensure the roof lining surface is clean, dry, and free from debris or old adhesive residue.
3. Apply an even coat of the chosen headliner adhesive to the headliner material and the roof lining.
4. Wait for the adhesive to become tacky (usually a few minutes).
5. Carefully press the headliner material onto the roof lining, ensuring proper alignment.

Does Gorilla Glue work on car headliner?

While Gorilla Glue is a strong adhesive, it may not be the best headliner adhesive for car headliners. Automotive headliner adhesives are specially formulated to withstand the temperature fluctuations and conditions within a car’s interior.

How do you glue car interior fabric?

1. Ensure the fabric and the surface you’re attaching it to are clean and free from dirt or debris.
2. Apply an even coat of the chosen adhesive to the fabric and the surface.
3. Allow the adhesive to become tacky (usually a few minutes).
4. Carefully press the fabric onto the surface, starting from one end and working your way to the other.
5. Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles and ensure proper alignment.

Can you glue a headliner?

Yes, you can glue a headliner using other adhesives specifically designed for automotive applications. These adhesives are formulated to bond various materials, including fabric and foam, to the car’s roof lining. Properly gluing a headliner can restore its appearance and prevent it from sagging or falling.

What is the best adhesive for car roof lining?

Considering the pros and cons of the various headliner adhesive products discussed, the Polymat 797 Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive stands out as a strong choice. Overall, the Polymat headliner spray adhesive offers a unique combination of heat resistance, versatility, and reliable performance, making it a solid UV-resistant choice for headliner fixing and other automotive projects.


In conclusion, selecting the right headliner adhesive is crucial for maintaining the appearance and safety of your car’s interior. Whether you choose a spray adhesive or a liquid adhesive, make sure it offers resistance to temperatures, UV resistant, flexibility, and durability.

By considering these factors and exploring the best headliner adhesive products on the market, Polymat 797 Hi-Temp Spray stands out as a strong choice.

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